We provide support for individuals to overcome challenges after a brain injury.


Rehabilitation Counseling for Education and Employment Readiness

We assist people with physical, mental, developmental, or emotional disabilities overcome the challenges in school and in the workplace. TBIWF focuses in assisting veterans, civilians and children, identify reasonable accommodations that schools and employers should implement to facilitate the learning experience and work/school performance.

  • Are you or your loved one currently pursuing work?

  • Are you or your loved one currently enrolled in school? Or, wanting to enroll in a school program?

  • Are you aware that a brain injury can lead to cognitive, physical and emotional disabilities?

If you have any disability, you are protected by the American with Disabilities Act.


We would be honored to help you be successful.  We can help you be successful.  Our Certified rehabilitation counselors are standing by!!!

caregiving Workshops

To equip family caregivers with the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to effectively assist people with brain injury and other brain diseases; this program strives to alleviate the challenges they face when providing activities of daily living.

Medical Equipment & Supplies Surplus

***Only for within a 50 mile radius from san antonio***

Donate any serviceable medical equipment and/or supplies that you no longer need.  We'll make sure these  items go to a person that will benefit from them.  Contact us for more information.

Coming Soon!

Education and Device Assistance Program

Brain injury may result in lingering or residual physical, cognitive and emotional impairments and disabilities. Providing technology assistive devices will facilitate overcoming these challenges, especially during the course of pursuing education and employment.


We envision providing financial assistance to fill existing gaps in resources available for people with brain injuries. Among these are:

1.     Educational materials and equipment to facilitate learning.
2.     Tuition assistance.
3.     Assistance with a specific project that will benefit people with brain injuries.  

Stay tuned!!! Scholarship program will start receiving applications late 2018.