TBI Warrior® Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


•Our Founders•

US Army Retired Sergeant First Class Victor L. Medina is a combat wounded veteran, Purple Heart Recipient. Serving three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Victor knew all too well the risks of serving his country, but despite this, he also knew the price of Freedom. On June 29, 2009 Victor’s life was forever transformed: he sustained a moderate traumatic brain injury (TBI) during a combat mission in Iraq. His wife, Dr. Roxana E. Delgado became Victor’s greatest advocate and caregiver. She stepped up to fulfill the vows that she proclaimed on May 29, 2000 when they married. Roxana is what Victor describes as his better 95%. After years of rehabilitation in military and private healthcare facilities, Victor met new friends, veterans and civilians that sustained brain injuries. It was his personal experiences and seeing the challenges faced by his peers during their rehabilitation, that Victor became inspired to help others in similar situations. In 2014, Victor became a rehabilitation counselor so he could give back to others and continue to serve in meaningful ways. At the same time, Roxana became a pillar in the caregiver community, acknowledging the importance of caregivers as the backbone of the family and rehabilitation process. In their journey, they encountered the many challenges tragedy can bring to one’s life, but with faith, hard work, community/family support and resources, they thrive in their own journey and the quest to increase TBI education, awareness and policies

Today, TBI Warrior® Foundation is the result of sacrifice and love to our country and its citizens with brain injuries and their families. Whether a military, veteran, an individual or child in the community at large, TBI Warrior® Foundation is the organization that was founded to bring the community together to find solutions to meet the needs with Hope, Love and Selfless Service.