Executive Assistant and Caregiver Ambassador

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Sherri Piper

Sherri Piper was born a military brat into a family where both parents served in the U.S. Air Force for twenty years. Sherri grew up on the east coast of Florida while her mother and father dedicated their lives in service to our nation. She then married into the Army, becoming an Army wife to her husband. While living and traveling to many beautiful places around the world, her husband served his country for nineteen years and Sherri raised their four sons. One of her sons is a combat veteran like his father. In October of 2013 Sherri became a caregiver to her husband after he sustained an injury caused during a parachute training exercise, resulting in his medical retirement. Among his multiple injuries, her husband sustained a traumatic brain injury, a condition that continues to have long term effects and contributes to his. Sheri encountered herself in a different role, one she never envisioned, a life no one ever plans for or expects. Together as a family the Piper’s have learned new things and continue to learn and educate others, as injuries impact their lives, as she describes it “some get better and some get worse”. As a wife and a mother, Sherri enjoys being able to be home for her family, but she strives to contribute to society and others that can benefit from her firsthand experience as a caregiver and veteran family. In her spare time, Sherri enjoys the quiet times and being in her own world to draw, read romance novels, play with her dogs, partake in caregiver support groups and travel. In her own words, “I look forward to expanding myself and would be honored to be able to be a part of TBI Warrior Foundation to raise awareness for those suffering with a TBI and their family caregivers.”